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Multimedia – Kodi and more

Lately i have been making experiments by repurposing an old laptop.

I installed a Kodi linux that is an ubuntu + media center called KODI (used to be called xbmc).

It is working very well and plan to replace my living room hi-fi (cd-player, radio, tapes???) I set it up to rip a cd when inserted on the computer, so, digitizing my physical cd’s will not be so hard (I hope).

To catalog the music, I plan on using Picard from Music Brainz

[Update] Maybe better, but for linux which is my main OS at home, I’ll try beets.

While searching for this media center solution, i stumble upon a project that may be very cool if you like to make music instead of listening to it.  It’s LMMS, and presents itself as a complete recording solution that works on linux, windows and mac.