Custom DNS Ubuntu/Debian – Global


If you connect to a corporate VPN it doesn’t resolve the corporate internal domains!

It seems you need something like splitDNS but haven’t managed to configure it.

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Currently Ubuntu does not offer an easy way to set up a “global” DNS for all network connections: whenever you connect to a new WiFi network, if you don’t want to use the DNS server provided by the WiFi, you are forced to go to the network settings and manually set your preferred DNS server.

DNS Providers:

Chosen Provider – Quad9:

Has IPV6 too.

To use or not to use DNSSEC right now

Gnome Extensions

target = blank vulenrability

in short:


rel="noopener noreferrer"

whenever a link is

WordPress application Frameworks

To create Wordpress based applications:

Here a list of frameworks and starter temes:

Here, one than promisses the moon:

Here, one that is not on the list:

Here, one that seems to be very handy:


10 rules for efficient form design

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