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10 rules for efficient form design


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NoteSlate – I want one of this!

Many times I’ve dreamed about a device similar to this one, now it’s here ūüôā


Noteslate Shiro

Noteslate Shiro

John Holcroft Illustrations

Some select recent ones, very good.

John-Holcroft-6Also a reference to the site where I discovered him: hyperallergic.com

This is his site: johnholcroft.com

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This guide is designed as a “get started” or introductory read for the starting to intermediate designer who wants to learn or get more knowledge about cross-DPI and cross-platform design from the very beginning.

No complex math and un-parsable graph, just straight forward explanations ordered in short sections for you to understand and apply directly to your design process.

Written by Sebastien Gabriel.

Design Principles: The Philopsohy of UX

[slideshare id=8598882&doc=designprinciplesphilopsohyofux-highered-v1-110714144353-phpapp01]

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Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design


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Learning to see

"Learning to design is learning to see, an adventure that gets more and more captivating the further you go. A love letter to my profession…"

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