CMS Alterantives (early 2015)

Four alternative CMS  to WordPress I recently discovered (presented in no particular order):

The current status where one has to build up from a framework, or mold and glue pieces, or coerce and mutilate what “out-of-the box” features software offers. It is not cost effective for the client and for the developer is like building a cannon to kill a fly.

The idea of a CMS that is easy to adapt into an webapp as needed by clients. But without having developers spending too much time building the custom business.

It also should serve the non-programmers that want to build a site, adding modules, inserting pages, images and other content. Being able to organize the structure of how the pages are linked.

Of utmost importance is to be fast and secure!

In order to attract people, it must offer some well designed themes. A good selection of plugins is essential to show the adaptability and provide an answer for a combination of use cases.

To achieve all this, these alternatives are competing. I have just briefly looked at them, and they seem promising. They all have their requirements and learning curve (if you want to expand on them). They are too young to know if they will mature and grow a large user base. But, for now it refreshing to see these solid newcomers. (at least, new to me :))