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WordPress application Frameworks

To create Wordpress based applications:

Here a list of frameworks and starter temes:

Here, one than promisses the moon:

Here, one that is not on the list:

Here, one that seems to be very handy:


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Mobile forms, wordpress stuff and more

Sites talking about Mobile web-forms.

WordPress tool to find and change serialized text.

File transfer fast and free.

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Browscap – detect browser details

Hacking around with PHP to have a better solution than get_browser()

PHP’s native get_browser() function parses this file and provides you with a complete set of information about every browser’s details, But it requires the path to the browscap.ini file to be specified in the php.ini browscap directive which is flagged as PHP_INI_SYSTEM.

Since in most shared hosting environments you have not access to the php.ini file, the browscap directive cannot be modified and you are stuck with either and outdated database or without browscap support at all.

Browscap is a standalone class for PHP >=5.3 that gets around the limitations of get_browser() and manages the whole thing. It offers methods to update, cache, adapt and get details about every supplied user agent on a standalone basis. It’s also much faster than get_browser() while still returning the same results.

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GenerateWP – Code generator for WordPress

A helpful online tool for wordpress development:

The easiest and the fastest way to create custom and high quality code for your WordPress project using the latest WordPress coding standards and API’s.


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CMS Alterantives (early 2015)

Four alternative CMS  to WordPress I recently discovered (presented in no particular order):

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A Virtual machine, starting in free, with a webIDE and a nice response time.

Visit and take it for a spin. To me it’s been useful for when I’m behind corporate firewalls that don’t allow ssh or ftp, I can use this machine in the middle to make this connections and make some quick fix even in these situations.

Code on your box in the cloud via our Web IDE, your favorite Desktop Editor, or our Chrome application. Share boxes and code together right in your browser.

Codeigniter has a new home!

Finally things are starting to look bright for codeigniter. EllisLab recently announced that the British Columbia Institute of Technology was goinig be the chosen entity to keep the project, and today, if you visit codeignoter’s homepage you’ll see that the things ARE happening, the site now has a BCIT face!

Also good, there is mention on the long awaited version  3.

I hope hey manage to keep it fast, simple, no node (npm instal), no grunt, no composer, no bower, no git, no yomen, stuff! Just a simple zip download whith a bloat free and decently coded framework to speedup development.

The rant about this new trend of simplifying the install process:”To install GreatNewThing, you just install this running this curl command, then install this using this npm command, then install that using this composer command and then create you application but running the command CreateApp appName!”… Well… besides this thing of mixing development and system configuration…. if, like me you are behind a proxy, all those things just won’t work (at least won’t work nicely)! I hope codeingiter doesn’t go that way, or at least leaves simple way for the rest of us.


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Cross-paltform Apps and PHP on the desktop

Lately I’ve been fiddeling  with cross-platform apps.

Cross-palform can be:

  • Android/iPhone on the mobile world
  • Windows/Linux/Mac on the desktop/laptop

I’ve been searching on both ends 🙂 but this post is about desktop.

Languages (make a google search on each) aside from the traditional Java, C++, C, Objective C:

D lang, Go lang, Free Pascal(fpc)/Lazarus – Native executables on each platform. Only lazarus gives you fast, simple cross-plaform GUI (Linux,Mac,Windows)

Development Environments for HTML based development:

PHPDesktop, Node-Webkit, nighttrain: These are funny products, you get an *.exe and a sub-folder “www” you then put some code made with Javascript, html, css, (and sometimes PHP,Python,Lua) on that folder. Then, when you launch that *.exe a window opens with a chrome browser frame showing your app. It’s pretty cool!

If you want to do something similar, you could be visit the embedded server mongoose (or a more free for comercial use fork civetweb) they used or the CEF3 (Chrome Embedded Framework).

Tip for node-webkit: Save persistent data in app

Web – Code editors (that use a similar technique as node-webkit)

IceCoder and Brackets


Also: Adding LESS Css pre-processor to Brackets

Bootstrap themes – KickStart

Use to get an HTML5 Boilerplate template with jQuery, Bootstrap and more (you can choose what to put in and what to leave out)

Then goto or and get one of the beautiful free templates.

On bootstrapzero, there is also some extra functionality in some themes. But I haven’t tested them yet.


Thinking on using one of these two on my next app.

Parse – One backend to rule them all

Parse Core – Everything your app needs to save data, be social, and more. Create the perfect app with Parse Core.

Parse Push – Creating, scheduling, and segmenting push notifications just got a whole lot easier.

Parse Analytics – Track any data point in your app in real-time.