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Codeigniter has a new home!

Finally things are starting to look bright for codeigniter. EllisLab recently announced that the British Columbia Institute of Technology was goinig be the chosen entity to keep the project, and today, if you visit codeignoter’s homepage you’ll see that the things ARE happening, the site now has a BCIT face!


Also good, there is mention on the long awaited version  3.

I hope hey manage to keep it fast, simple, no node (npm instal), no grunt, no composer, no bower, no git, no yomen, stuff! Just a simple zip download whith a bloat free and decently coded framework to speedup development.

The rant about this new trend of simplifying the install process:”To install GreatNewThing, you just install this running this curl command, then install this using this npm command, then install that using this composer command and then create you application but running the command CreateApp appName!”… Well… besides this thing of mixing development and system configuration…. if, like me you are behind a proxy, all those things just won’t work (at least won’t work nicely)! I hope codeingiter doesn’t go that way, or at least leaves simple way for the rest of us.


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