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NoteSlate – I want one of this!

Many times I’ve dreamed about a device similar to this one, now it’s here 🙂

Noteslate Shiro

Noteslate Shiro

TNW – Vines

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AirPano – Aereal panoramic views of world landmarks – Lisbon

We had here an embedded panorama of Lisbon, but it generated too many javascript errors, and we cannot allow that 🙂

So here is the link for a panoramic view of Lisbon, it’s cool:

Visit more panoramas on

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wearables fun future


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A light switch for the brain

Amazing! Don’t miss the short interview with the presenter after his talk.

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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

Want to develop a better work routine? Discover how some of the world’s greatest minds organized their days.

Click image to see the interactive version. On the site, hover the mouse over the the timelines to learn more about each activity.

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John Holcroft Illustrations

Some select recent ones, very good.

John-Holcroft-6Also a reference to the site where I discovered him:

This is his site:

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ffmpeg to split movie files

Split movie files without re-encoding.

After searching for a while, ffmpeg, command line came out as the reliable way.

Here for future reference!

Also a link to a post where some subtleties are explained. Do check it if it’s not working as you expected.

Many interesting things!

Solving the Rubik Cube – Theory –


learn online –

A curated magazine –

Exercices cheat sheets –

learn online –

Scrolldown interactive page showing distances of solar system and where mankind has reached –

well… check it out 🙂

learn online –!/all

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