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Custom DNS Ubuntu/Debian – Global


If you connect to a corporate VPN it doesn’t resolve the corporate internal domains!

It seems you need something like splitDNS but haven’t managed to configure it.

Main article

Currently Ubuntu does not offer an easy way to set up a “global” DNS for all network connections: whenever you connect to a new WiFi network, if you don’t want to use the DNS server provided by the WiFi, you are forced to go to the network settings and manually set your preferred DNS server.

DNS Providers:

Chosen Provider – Quad9:

Has IPV6 too.

To use or not to use DNSSEC right now

Glitch – development environment

A powerful node development environment.

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The music of your face

Nice experiment!

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Good list of resources for learning online

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Nuvem coração e arco-iris vertical








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emaze presentation software

Tesla Powerwall

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USBdriveby – Unstoppable attack by usb

Called USBdriveby, it’s a USB-powered microcontroller-on-a-chain, rigged to exploit the inherently awful security flaws lurking in your computer’s USB ports. In about 60 seconds, it can pull off a laundry list of nasty tricks. via techcrunch

Here are the source links talked about on techcrunch article:

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1 & 2)

Two part article about good UI web-design by Erik D. Kennedy on Medium.

Part 1 and Part 2