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What Comes Next Is the Future

What Comes Next Is the Future is the definitive documentary about the web, as told by the people who build it each day.

Their challenges and successes will help us better understand this thing called the web, and what lies ahead. A project by Matt Griffin – founder of Bearded, a Net Awards 2014 Agency of the Year nominee – What Comes Next Is the Future is an effort to capture the titanic shift in the web landscape that mobile devices have initiated.


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Curators code

Attributing your source of discovery should never obscure attributing the creator or originator of the content. For instance, if you repost a compelling poster you found on your favorite design blog, first credit the person who designed the poster, and then attribute discovery to the design blog that brought it to your attention.

Visit http://curatorscode.org/ for full details on this nice initiative! (and a very cool site)

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