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Mobile forms, wordpress stuff and more

Sites talking about Mobile web-forms.

WordPress tool to find and change serialized text.

File transfer fast and free.

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Color schemes

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Bootstrap themes – KickStart

Use to get an HTML5 Boilerplate template with jQuery, Bootstrap and more (you can choose what to put in and what to leave out)

Then goto or and get one of the beautiful free templates.

On bootstrapzero, there is also some extra functionality in some themes. But I haven’t tested them yet.


Thinking on using one of these two on my next app.


A (not so) new way of laying out content.

Promisses the moon and the end of archane rules and twisted brain effect on css devs. But maybe not for everything.

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SpinKit – Cool css spinners by Tobias Shalin

Good resource for loaders or spinners made in css3 using transitions.